Tails From the Vienna Woods

Auf Urlaub!

Returning in April


Hiking and Schnitzeling. CTF Gets His Pommes!

And gets to walk in mud, slosh through puddles, and eat the last remnants of snow on the Mostalpe.

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Hiking and Schnitzeling. The “20 Schilling Blick.”

It is well known; at least well known amongst our friends, that Tony and I neither ski nor waltz, two requirements of Austrian living for which our delinquency should have resulted in our residency cards long being confiscated. But we have become quite fond of weekend wandering, another important pillar of life in an alpine country and perhaps our saving grace.

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Hiking and Schnitzeling. Tut Gut Wandern!

Because it is February, after all.

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Hiking and Schnitzeling. The New Season Begins

Plot Twist. There was no Schnitzel!

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Party in the Prunksaal

The Austrian National Library celebrates 650 years, and they have unearthed quite a few treasures for this year-long celebration exhibition to share in the State Hall. The exhibit is truly a treasury of knowledge.

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China Meets Austria

So much music.

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Rock On

There was a photography exhibit on the American Mustang (the horse, not the car) recently at the Natural History Museum, so Tony and I dropped in on an otherwise nondescript January weekend.  But that is not what I’m sharing.

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Two rather different transitions in our household this week; this one is the more uncomplicated.

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