Tails From the Vienna Woods

Canis familiaris meets Canis lupus

Clayton Theodore meets a wild evolutionary ancestor.

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Hiking and Schnitzeling. Hagenbachklamm

Perhaps we are indeed on a slippery slope with all of this hiking and wandering. Though, I have not subscribed to Bergwelten. Yet.

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Wirtshauskultur Saved the Day

Saturday’s outing did not quite live up to billing.

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Germany has ruined driving fun.

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Of Schwein and Steckerlfisch

And a castle ruin, too.

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(Not) Hiking and Schnitzeling. Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten

Though the day did begin with an H&S plan.

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Le Tour de Wachau Valley

Sunday’s outing was a rescheduled Mother’s Day activity. Anna Grace was brain-deep in final exam preparations in May, and because the entire day should be devoted to the activity we simply moved the holiday along to a more convenient weekend.

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Hiking and Schnitzeling. Greifvogel and a Gorge!

All this time, Europe’s largest bird-of-prey sanctuary has been just 30 minutes from my home. Today was a recon mission. I will return, real camera in hand.

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A Very Bavarian Weekend. II

The Top of Germany.

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