Tails From the Vienna Woods


Central Europe is showing its January colors, in which Vienna sparkles in silvertone.

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It is January after all

So, by the by we two left-brainers found ourselves with tickets to one of Vienna’s contemporary art museums, MUMOK. The museum is not a favorite of ours (we’ve visited on just one other occasion since we arrived here) but it is January after all, where the only other weekend activities are balls and brunches, neither of which we pursue.

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Anecdotes on Austria

The last of 2017. And a spectacular start to the new year.

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So This Was Christmas…

Day 1. Feeling Hopeful.

Me. “I am calling to check on the status of this lost baggage.”

KLM. “The baggage is not lost. The Amsterdam ground team is looking for the baggage.”

Me. “If the baggage is not lost, why I am calling to check on the status?”

KLM. (Looooooong Pause.) “I am sorry.”

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Dobré trhy

Buried within the seemingly endless streams of, “Christmas Markets You MUST Visit” and practical? advice such as, “Tips for Navigating Christmas Markets” running across my news feeds last week was a quiet little notice for something called, Bratislava Good Market.

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Like Startled Feldhasen

Christmas markets spring up like startled Feldhasen at this time of year…

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Counting Down to Christmas 2017

The 5th annual edition opens with what has become a perennial favorite. Because how else to count the days until Jesus’ birth than with a cold one?

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We awoke to wintry delight this morning, and Clayton Theodore and I hurried to the park around 0630 only to discover that we were rather latecomers!

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Traditions: Pelzhaus. Vienna is notable for their love of dogs; and also, judging by the numerous fur shops sprinkled around, fondness of furry woodland creatures whose skins can be worn when the thermometer dips. This particular fur shop is more than 90 years old and all of their offerings are still made by hand, with pelts carefully selected from “humane” farms. No irony there.


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