Tails From the Vienna Woods



Salzburg Swan Song

Three suitcases. Seven pairs of shoes. Two nights in a palace.

Oh, and one Foxhound. Not just any Foxhound, but you know who.

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Hyper-Realistic Chiaroscuro

And Wirtshaus Kultur.

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Hiking & Schnitzeling. Vienna’s “Water Forest”

A semi-solo weekday wander.

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HDGÖ: Tentative Beginnings

Last week I toured the new Haus der Geschichtes Österreich (House of Austrian History), a museum that recently opened in a wing of the former Hapsburg Palace. The museum’s focus is on Austria from 1918 forward, when the Empire was dissolved.

One might be surprised at what there is still to learn.

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Long Weekend at La Châtaigneraie

Most certainly not a getaway in a romantic French château.

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Ukiyo-e and the West

Once upon a time Japan was terra incognito. Then along came Commander Perry in 1845 to “suggest” (he brought his fleet of American warships as a calling card) that Japan end its policy of national seclusion by opening its ports to trade, and the fascination with the exotic began.

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A Tale of Two Cities

Not a book review.

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Anecdotes on Austria

Including a bumper crop on the usual subject.

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Epicurious Adventures


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