Tails From the Vienna Woods



Claude, Niko, Helen and Der Feldhase

An incredible morning at the Albertina.

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“Once in a Lifetime”

Sage advice.

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Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin

When Wes Anderson pokes around in the holdings of Vienna’s museum collections.

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“Just a Piece of Cloth”

The Ethnography Museum tried to weave a tale about the Headscarf.

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When I am Not Traveling

In the lulls between travels much has transpired.

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Autumn in Istria

Tony had a repeat work trip in Trieste, a city we both appreciate for its coastal location (translation: seafood!). The plan had been to drive down for the weekend, and then I would drive back to Vienna on Monday while Tony carried on with his work matters.

We know how that plan went to pot.

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Gans Burgenland by Bicycle

Cycling between the little wine villages of Burgenland.

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The Annie Leibovitz of Austria

Except that Annie never had to hide.

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Anecdotes on Austria. Extra Special Edition

You already know the topic.

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