Tails From the Vienna Woods



The Annie Leibovitz of Austria

Except that Annie never had to hide.

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Anecdotes on Austria. Extra Special Edition

You already know the topic.

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Art, Archives, and Boring Beef Tartare. Long Night of the Museum!

As Lisle remarked about her father, Captain von Trapp,  “He’s a big naval hero. He was even decorated by the emperor.” 

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An “Adventure Walk” Indeed!

We found ourselves “Lost” in Translation on Saturday.

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Pretty Porcelain

Just a sampling of the 17.200 objects in the Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur, first granted the imperial privilege in 1718, on display at the Museum of Applied Arts for my first art group outing of the new season a couple of weeks ago, to recognize 300 years of the second-oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe.

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Wien Weinwandertag 2018!

The pins return!

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Tirol Fashion Week!

Or as the locals are wont to call it, Almabtrieb!

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Hiking the Weinweg Langenlois

“Wine Hikers” is an actual term!

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Gemeindebau in Ottakring

My Kunst am Bau wander through Vienna’s 16th district reads almost like a tale of three cities.

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