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Epicurious Adventures

Epicurean Accomplishments

“I think one of the terrible things today is that people have this deathly fear of food…”

Julia Child

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Genuss and Gemütlichkeit, Family Style

Jack was home for the months of May and June; and when we were not on one of our “official” adventures, whenever possible some combination of the four of us were up to something involving hiking or eating, and often both. Recently a Facebook friend even commented, “You all are having just too much fun.”

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Recipes for a Long, Long, Cold Austrian Winter

Winter was so very impolite this season, bringing its frosty attitude and just really overstaying its welcome. But we had to eat, and so throughout this wintertide torpor I undertook a few culinary projects that had me dashing here and there in search of this and that. Not only did I reaffirm my cold weather fortitude, I added some A-lister’s to the family recipe book . Bonus.

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Simply Spring

Setagaya Park, one of five Japanese gardens within the city of Vienna, and so named for its pairing with Döbling as a sister suburb.

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Never Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched

I do not make resolutions at the start of a new year. I do not make bucket lists, either. And aside from a few posts on my Facebook page to those in my, “circle of trust,” I generally* do not see the need to share political thoughts with the wide world.

What I do enjoy sharing are the events and activities that round out my expat life.  Like, how for a mere €34 annually, Tony and I can wander any of the seven or so museums on our art history card whenever we are of the mind. On a recent not-much-going-on Sunday, we took in one gallery at the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History), then went for lunch. The building alone rates walking through; the art collection is a bonus.

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Epicurean Accomplishments

I love food and I love to cook. But for those of us who, “Live to Eat,” grocery shopping and menu planning in Vienna could be its own reality show, with winners determined by how well they can ad lib a planned menu using fewer than three different grocers and when half of their desired ingredients are not available. I will admit that this renders me weary at times.

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Goulash, Gulyás, Gulasz, or Guláš. It’s all delicious.

Friends from America were in town a couple of weeks ago, and one night we enjoyed dinner in our home before they hopped back across the pond. Culinarily exhausted from an epic four hour preparation (!) of Julia Child’s Bouillabaisse two days earlier for the family, not counting the time spent in search of fresh mussels in a landlocked country, I sought a relatively casual Austrian-ish menu for this dinner.

Thai-ing One On. Again.

We can not get our Thai experience in Marchegg a couple of weeks ago off our tastebuds, and by the following weekend our desire for Thai food reached insatiable. So while cloaked in the usual boredom of the Sunday Shutdown, Tony and I researched the Vienna Thai restaurant scene and set out in search of what we hoped would be at least reasonably good Thai.

We didn’t find reasonably good Thai. We found we-will-definitely-return-again-and-again Thai. Handmade rolls (+1 over Marchegg), and Satay that rivals our favorite place in DC. Peanut-buttery and just perfectly-spicy grilled chicken.

Sushi-Making is My New Favorite Culinary Sport

As a “Trailing Spouse,” awful as that term sounds, I have worked diligently to keep myself mentally challenged with a variety of meaningful projects, some which may reappear on future curriculum vitae. Sushi-making? Nothing but pure fun.

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