Tails From the Vienna Woods


The Neighbors

Dobré trhy

Buried within the seemingly endless streams of, “Christmas Markets You MUST Visit” and practical? advice such as, “Tips for Navigating Christmas Markets” running across my news feeds last week was a quiet little notice for something called, Bratislava Good Market.

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Autumn, Burčák, and Esel-kicking Stairs

Bunches of little obligations have recently kept me from doing the activities I prefer to do, though I have still found time to go in search of autumn.

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Castles and Crown Jewels

Central Europe was rather warm last weekend. We could either be hot in Vienna, or be hot somewhere else. Budapest won the coin toss.

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A Simple Sojourn

Our family summer holiday.

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Idyllic Adriatic, Finale. Slovenia’s Seashore

The Republic of Slovenia was the first to close their borders and declare independence from Yugoslavia. After 10 days of fighting, Slovenia became its own country in 1991. Now you know.  Nearly the size of the U.S. state New Jersey, Slovenia’s riviera is the smallest of the former Yugoslav states at just 46,6 km. Now you know that, as well.

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Idyllic Adriatic, Act II. Italy and Umag

Waking each morning to the sunrise was luxurious.

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Idyllic Adriatic, Act I. From Snow to Sunshine

Mother Nature messed with Vienna terribly last week. The calendar may have read, “AIS Spring Break,” but she was having none of that malarky.

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When a Weekend Just Comes Together

Two weekends ago our day outing fell short of expectations by a mile. The following weekend’s outings exceeded expectations by a mile, and then some.

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Hrad Veveří.

One of Anna Grace’s former AIS friends now posted to Abu Dhabi is visiting this week, couch surfing among friend’s homes (ours included); and our home was declared the Teenage Girl Epicenter for last weekend. Over breakfast this past Thursday I reminded Tony. He simply looked up from his coffee and asked, “So, where are we going this weekend?”

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