Tails From the Vienna Woods

Hiking the Weinweg Langenlois

“Wine Hikers” is an actual term!

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Bzenecké Vinobraní!

“Czech”-ing out a few harvest festivals in Moravia. And no, the pun never gets old.

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Gemeindebau in Ottakring

My Kunst am Bau wander through Vienna’s 16th district reads almost like a tale of three cities.

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Anecdotes on Austria

Back to School Edition.

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A Grape Weekend. II

Saturday’s grape harvesting was all work. Sunday’s wandering along the Genussmeile was all play.

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A Grape Weekend. I

An invitation from one of the expat groups landed in my inbox offering an opportunity to play Vintner for a Day, harvesting grapes in the vineyards of Manuel Nössing. Of course we went.

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A Wet Weekend

When it rains, it pours. And indeed, the skies poured upon the region this past weekend.

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Brunnenmarkt, a Revisit

Brunnenmarkt is one of Vienna’s markets where you find real life, and is one to which I return time and again when the family requests grilled lamb cutlets for dinner. Last week was one such occasion, and I thought to take a few snaps along the way. (“My” Halal butcher is superb; I once explained that I wanted “beautiful cutlets” for a dinner party, and he hand trimmed each one. Now I routinely ask for beautiful cutlets. I am spoiled like that.)

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Slovak Festival of Folk Arts

Like an American State Fair, but for the entire country.

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